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Boart Longyear is a global mineral exploration company founded in 1890. It is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Regional offices and operations are located in the Asia-Pacific region, North and South America, Europe, and Africa. The company provides mineral exploration services and drilling products for the global mining industry and also has a presence in drilling water exploration, environmental sampling, energy, and oil sands exploration. As of 2018, it employed more than 5,000 people.

A former driller helper let loose on the dysfunction and WAGE THEFT, saying, "Management at Boart Longyear is horrible. H.R. is horrible. The drillers are horrible. No one at this company has your best interest at heart, they don't care about their employees and will fire you on stupid grounds. They will also take your last paycheck from you if you haven't worked over four months with them. I had to go through the labor board to get my last paycheck from them." Other disgruntled employees have noted the company is rife with nepotism regarding promotions, unprofessionalism, amongst other problems.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Layoffs are relentless. Uncertainty of the future. Ever since private equity firm purchases shares in the company, job security has tanked."


"Terrible management. Often changing and confusing rules and regulations. Noisy, uncomfortable, and non productive work environment."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Made too many promises not kept. Laid off thee quarters of the work force and still declining. Borrowing money they dont have"

Former Employee - Field Mechanic says

"Everyone seem to be stuck with the very bad habits and will not think safety first or at all. Don't even know dot regulations. And when they hire you and they know ur knowledge of the drills is not the best they still treat you like crap. And when they offer you stuff they don't give it to you."

Product Manager says

"VERY biased Management that protected Friends during layoffs.... Specifically in Supply Chain from the very top down to the Buyers. A strong Religious group pushing their own values. To the point of discrimination....turns out that included ties to HR and Legal team. Still in place. Do NOT ever entertain an Employment offer from the group in South Jordan Utah."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is a very cyclical business where internal competition between services and products fosters and unhealthy relationship. As with any large business do not expect your manager to always have the experience or answers when needed as their own decisions may be poor and could ultimately affect your career."


"Upper management were not capable and it affected the entire organization."

Director says

"Weak Executive Team outside of CEO"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Stock is tanking, passive aggressive, layoffs, poor senior leadership, layoffs, layoffs, weak HR team. You get the best gossip grapevine at Boart Longyear, all starts with the HR team in Salt Lake. There is no respect for the common work or middle management. If you have no money, you think you are getting training."

Former Employee - Supply Chain Specialist says

"Upper level management did not communicate well."

Driller Helper (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible. H.R. is horrible. The drillers are horrible. No one at this company has your best interest at heart, they don't care about their employees and will fire you on stupid grounds. They will also take your last paycheck from you if you haven't worked over four months with them. I had to go through the labor board to get my last paycheck from them."

Driller Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Would give zero stars if possible. Was given a job and told to quit the job I had at the time, completed all training and requirements only to be let go without reason before I could even start."

Heavy Equipment Operator/Drillers Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working here is great, but you are away from home a very large portion and if you put that you are available you can and most likely have to move residency to the mine in which they station you. Its not a great place if you have a family to take care of."

Payroll Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Did not explain or justify hiring method! Fired employees in the office enviorment or forced them to leave with unjust and racist acts.nonnon-equality employer"

Senior Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I honestly learned a lot from working at Boart and I even enjoyed my job at first. But by the time I left it was too stressful and I didn't feel I was compensated fairly for the time and work I was putting in. Upper management didn't care and while some managers would listen, they weren't able to do anything to help or just didn't care to try and help. The company was not run well when the economy was good and as a result when the economy went down, Boart went with it, hard. Mass layoffs resulted in one person having to do multiple people's jobs and being expected to still complete it all in the same time frame. As an employee I did not feel appreciated.Some fun coworkersNo support from management, no appreciation"

Quality Control Officer (Former Employee) says

"The closed forrestfield (WA) office was ruled by one south Asian nationality. others will not simply survive there. Options are that you either join them or suffer and be gone.NoneEvery negative thing that co-operate environment can offer."

Accounting (Current Employee) says

"Poor management and no career progression. Once hired for a position, you have no chance of getting promoted. Moral is poor and most people are looking to leave. I have wasted too much time waiting for them to figure out how to run a successful supervisor or pressure to do a good job. that is not really a proManagement doesn't care enough to know what you do each day."

Driller Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day working for boart is at least 14 hours most likely 16. At the kennakott mine there was supposed to be three employees on site. But One driller would work a week while his brother also a driller would take a week off and have the other driller clock him in all 92 hours that week. They would switch off leaving the assistant doing all the work. Management does not support newer employees. Good pay just because overtime. NO work life balance at all.PayNo breaks, underpaid for duites no support from managment"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 3 years at a branch in a small town. Management was sorely underqualified. Two managers acted inappropriately while "on the clock" and broke up 2 marriages as a result... meanwhile the corporate office knew and looked the other way. So, what the rest of us saw was special treatment towards one person, while the rest of us didn't get raises, were worked half to death, and were grossly paycheck didn't bounce.high health care premiums, few in-network providers, poor management, low pay"

not entry level - dont want to say (Former Employee) says

"Good company ONLY if you are a driller or a helper. Otherwise you should pass. No job security at all. Laid off 2500 people in the last year and kept some that made no sense at all. Do a web search and see for are nice people but zone and SLC senior and regional management has no respect for employees or department managers or supervisors. dont bother tring to take a day off because they will call you on weekend and vacation and expect you to answerOther zones may be better but eastern canada is not well run or a good place to work. clearly the reason i leftnice building"

Assistant Driller (Former Employee) says

"Ok pay. Very dangerous line of work. You have to be able to teach yourself by watching. Get use to been away 20 days with 5 days off. 16 hour days. Trust your driller if not you gonna get hurt. Company needs better training and safety, I recommend this for hard working felons who love near death experience."

Field Mechanic- Technician (Former Employee) says

"I seen some really grade school mentallity. Bullying, ridicule, and belittlement is all that shop has, NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY will ever be as good as the leaders. Pathetic, and lacks proper etiquette IN EVERY ASPECT of a leader. Its rather sad. Anyone with equal, or MORE experience doesn't stand a chance. SAD, for such a worldwide company!"

Labourer/Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Definitely didn't have a good experience here. Got a Repetitive strain from doing the same thing over and over each day with drilling. Supervisors and management treated me poorly. till I quite my job. (there is no standing around with this job)Pay is good if your a hard worker.didn't have any work breaks"

Assistant Driller (Former Employee) says

"Drove heavy equipment through the mines and with heavy equipment traffic. Handled 200-40 ft. long rods and core sample tubes, boxing the core samples."

Driller (Former Employee) says

"The company promotion goes to the one that chews the most crayons an is the biggest yes man Or the boss's kid who is not a boss in any way ready for the positionGood crewsExactly that the company is a con"

Driller Helper (Former Employee) says

"Where to start with this company. They don’t care about new employees and are only focused on their drillers and profits. 20 days on 10 days off but no rest days. Working almost 14 hours a day for 20 days is strenuous on the body especially when you barely get six hours of sleep. No job security if you question what they do & how they do it you’ll be punished because of it. had me working 12 hours a day for two weeks straight with no days off I could barely wake up and walking yet they still wanted me to work the long hours I understand you’re not required to give your employees a day off in that amount of time but good practices to make sure you’re better"

Driller's Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If your are an inspiring Klansman then look no further than Boart Longyear! This will be a great chance for you to rally with likeminded individuals!!Great payEverything else"

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"The main corporation bought up a local drilling company and the culture was very demeaning. a lot of favoritism was given to those who the bosses liked and the rest were left to fend for themselves.BenefitsNot enough days off, back work enviornment."

Production (Current Employee) says

"constantly waste money at corporate and force operations to suffer. Senior Managers are afraid to speak up or they disappear. Keep looking, this is not a good place to work unless you are only looking for short term company"

Exploration Diamond Driller (Former Employee) says

"great pay when there is a contract when things get tuff boart use you as they please not a good career job they will demote you from driller to helper when there is shortage of workgreat pay andunstable work poor managemant"

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